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Dual-lobe Pillow



•  Slow rebounded memory foam dual-lobe pillow, ergonomic arc shape design,

    optimal 40º elevation angle perfectlycontours bodyline of the cervical vertebra,

    relieves fatigue on the neck and shoulders, helps to maintain the health of cervical vertebra.

•  Slow rebounded memory foam insert, natural and eco- friendly, extra breathable,

    hypoallergenic anddust mite resistant, odor free, soft and comfortable.

    It helps to improve blood circulation and promote a deep sleep.

•  Relieves any stiffness and soreness developed by bad sleeping posture;

   Alleviates snore, muscle pain and sleeping problems.

   Evenly distributes pressure on head, neck and waist for a better blood circulation.

•  Helps user to fall into a sound sleep easier and maintain cervical vertebra in a healthy condition.

    Effectively protect cervical vertebra andthoracic vertebrafrom physical distortion.

    Best choice for users suffer from insomnia, stiff neck and other vertebra disorders.

•  Relieves daily stress, improves sleep quality, eases back pain and stiffness at the neck;

    helps to relax and recharge the body for an energetic working day.

•  Double layer pillow cover,breathable white polyester inner cover and soft-comfortable velvet outer cover.

•  Zipper Removable outer pillow cover lets you easily keep your pillow clean and refresh all the time.



•  Product size: L50 x W30 x H10-7 cm

•  Net weight:1100g(90D)/1300g (105D)

•  Insert density: 90D(90kg/m3)/105D(105kg/m3)

•  Insert material: Slow rebounded polyurethane(Memory foam),

   body temperature sensitive material contours user’s bodyline for best support.

   One-piece-molded product never goes flat.

•  Features: excellent sense of touch,soft and smooth, long using life.

•  Outer cover material: Velvet (easy cleaning removable zipper design).

•  Color available: beige, blue, coffee, pink

•  Inner cover material: White polyester



•  Direct sunlight could downgrade performance of memory foam and affect sleep experience.

•  Avoid washing the memory foam, hang up for ventilation in shade if necessary.

•  Removable outer pillow cover; suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.


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