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Foot Vibrating Massager


product Features:

•  Passive training vibrating massager can effectively help both long-hour-sitting

   and all-day-standing people to alleviate muscle soreness, relieve fatigue,

   improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism and prevent from development of varicose veins. 

•  No matter you are sitting in office or at home, your feet can passively

   get exercise for a better health and a better shape.

•  Greatly help users to alleviate muscle stiffness and reduce sub-health symptoms developed

   from sustained repetitive work postures, e.g.cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

•  Suitable for office workers, teachers, nurses, elderly and rehabilitative people.

•  Speed adjustable vibrating and rolling massage function,

   effectively stimulate acupoints of the foot.

•  Highly promote blood circulation and relieve symptom of varicose veins.

•  Ultra quiet and safe to use by its smart current protected system.

•  Made of eco friendly ABS material, easy to clean and durable.

•  Easy operation with user friendly buttons arrangement.


Product Specification:

•  Net weight: 4.4kg

•  Material: ABS

•  Rated voltage: AC100-240V

•  Rated frequency: 50/60HZ

•  Power: 25W

•  Product size: L37 x W34 x H14cm



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Total entries : 5    ( Pages : 1 )
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