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Desktop Air Purifier “Aza”


Product Features :

•  Desktop air purifier, compact, portable and light-weight.

•  One-button start up of the device, 5 million massive anion + high-density

•  HEPA filter, with a top blue LED display aperture to be used as a night light.

•  Completely filter and degradation of the air pollutant,

   such as the PM2.5 harmful particles, formaldehyde, xylene.

•  Combination of high-molecular and activated carbon filters.

   The detachable filter can also replaced with another (optional) cotton filter,

   perfume is addable to be a fragrance diffuser.

•  Convenient USB power port, no matter it's near the computer, desk, bedside,

   anywhere with power bank to enjoy the refresh air anytime.

•  35dB acoustic mute design, whenever user in napping and office break,

   provide you an undisturbed and quiet moment.


Product Details:

•  Size:∮125mm x H194mm

•  Weight:510g

•  Anion:5 x 106  pcs/cm3

•  Working area:≤10 m2


#Combat Covid#

•  Half-price up, 1 pc order is welcomed.

•  Free Hong Kong delivery.

•  Limited promotion, while stocks last.

•  Standard processing time 1-2 weeks with local ShunFeng courier

•  Order step :

   1- Call / Whatsapp : 5422 9000

   2- Bank-in payment and return bank-slip

   3- Confirm and Delivery


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Total entries : 5    ( Pages : 1 )
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